Beautiful Black-Owned Art & Stationary Businesses to Follow

by Natalie N. / July 15, 2020

It is so important during these times to lift one another and to celebrate the diversity that permeates every aspect of American culture! The framework of this country is one that is beautifully interwoven from different cultures, races and ethnicities – an outstanding example of a truly diverse nation. I would like to share some of the most inspiring and most beautiful black-owned art and stationary businesses that I have found. Spread the love, take the extra step and share these women’s amazing, fun-loving and inspiring work!

The Everyday Print Co.

The owner, Mezay Ugbo of Nigerian Indian heritage started off as a fashion designer. Her art is telling of black women and what they love about themselves, with an underlying tone of a kind of mood that is a reflection of the struggles faced by women of color.

These EARTH TONES. I can’t get enough! Minimal yet bold, bold yet soft. These pieces are easy on the eyes with a color palette that makes you think your taking in the warm and comforting smell of coffee or tasting honey. What I love about The Everyday Print Co is that you will find bolder pieces that you can pair beautifully with more minimal pieces like the pairs I chose as an example below. I know I could not leave this store just buying one without looking for its soulmate!

Shay Budgets

Shay is an inspiring young woman who loves to give helpful budgeting tips and information on how she became student-loan debt free. She is an inspiration for young women who are looking to be financially responsible and practical about their everyday spending. You can find all her helpful advice on her YouTube channel.

What I love about Shay is that she is also very creative about how she can come up with ways to help people stay organized and on track with their goals. Not only does she share tips on her channel but also runs a cute Etsy store called ShaysBudgetShop where you can find cute and fun planner stickers and debt tracker sheets to help with your financial goals- all while keeping it fun and light and the same time.

Patrina's Paperie

So happy I came across Patrina’s Paperie! The owner is a stationary artist from Denver, Colorado – and her pieces are all beautifully foiled. Might have to shop around at her store after finishing this article. All of this shiny gold foiling is hard to resist! Her work is dainty, feminine and GOLD. At her shop you’ll find personalized stationary, Thank You insert cards and iconic wall prints such as a U.S. city map of your choosing or other fun silhouettes. She has a perfect 5 star review on Etsy and her customers are thrilled when receiving one of her orders in the mail. You can find more of her work here.

Oh, and did I mention that her Instagram page is goals? You can follow her @patrinaspaperie. Loving everything about her dainty and feminine style. So cute and adorable. What’s not to love!

Addie Rawr

Adrienne or as most know her, Addie Rawr, is an modern artrepreneur focusing on uplifting women of color through her visuals and products. Addie Rawr began creating designs in 2012 while still attending classes at Virginia Commonwealth University leading to the development of Art & Ambition Studios. Since a young girl living in Norfolk, VA, Addie was always interested in the arts and was never afraid to show her creative side. Years later, Addie is using her skills to paint unique, vibrant and relatable designs that she spreads across an array of merchandise. Also also makes times to mentor artist and share her resources with organizations geared towards providing resources to Black Creatives. While she prides herself for being a social butterfly and go getter, Addie enjoys living a simply life of home cooking and personal time with her family & friends.

These are some of the beautiful illustrations by Addie used on her cards. I love the bold yet feminine look and feel with the bold lines and fashion art! I love the immediate connection to the work of her hand that you get from these beautiful, heartfelt cards. You can check out her shop and see more of her illustrations on her Etsy Shop: Addie Rawr.

Page Eleven Paper Goods

Page Eleven Paper Goods has a daily planner available complete with in the notepad areas you can fill out having to do with your top priorities, accomplishments, meal plan, to-do list, daily intentions, and even water intake! This is seriously the best planner that makes me want to get up and start the day just so I can check off my to-do list. Also an UNBELIEVABLY helpful motivator for those of us working from home. Check it out:

However, the reason why I hold a special place in my heart for Page Eleven Paper Goods are these heartfelt ‘intent’ journals. One of them is the Page Eleven Prayer Journal and the other is the Page Eleven Travel Journal. The Page Eleven Prayer Journal allows you to write down your prayers on one side of the page, and on the other side of the page allows you to reflect on God’s answer to you. Such a beautiful way to receive and grow in your Faith and not forget the prayers that have been answered. Personally, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace when I feel this gratitude. To top everything off, a Bible verse for you to reflect on in every page.

The travel journal I love as well. I’ve never seen a more organized way to organize your travel checklist! It includes a pre-filled checklist, a list for places to go, things to try, allows you to track your travel budget and fill in your itinerary details all in one convenient journal. You’ve got to check it out here! However, my favorite part of this journal is that it allows you to fill in the purpose of each of your travels- a great way to reflect on more than just the ordinary pleasures of traveling, but a deeper intent for self growth.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and found interest and inspiration. Finding beautiful and creative minds in the black community has inspired me to create and do even more of what comes out of my heart. However, I would love to see more! Please share more of the amazing beautiful stationary or artistic print work that you find in the black community and share it in the comments below – whether it is your own art/stationary business or someone else’s. Keep loving and supporting each other as much as you can by sharing and contributing. Peace & Love.

Natalie N.

Hi! I’m Natalie—owner and designer at Paper Maven Delights, as well as author of this post. My hope is that you leave here having found a little inspiration that you can take with you.