Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples & Etiquette

by Paper Maven Delights / December 28, 2023

Have you been wondering how to properly word your bridal shower invitations? Maybe you’d like some fun and creative ways to put together your own and find some alternatives to standard verbiage that’s already out there. This article will go over examples of some opening text that you can use on the invite, as well as details that should always be included. You’ll also find out about important etiquette do’s and don’ts when it comes to bridal shower invitations to make sure you have a smooth send off!

  1. Formal Bridal Shower Wording Examples
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  2. Themed Bridal Shower Wording Examples
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  3. Details to Include on a Bridal Shower Invitation
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  4. How to Ask for Gift Cards or Cash on a Bridal Shower Invitation
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  5. Is it Okay to E-mail Invitations?
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  6. When to Send out Bridal Shower Invitations
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  7. Key Takeaway
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Formal Wording Examples

Let’s Shower the Soon-to-be Mrs.
With Kisses and Well Wishes!
Join us for a Bridal Celebration in Honor of
Rebecca Sommers
At the Hilton Hotel
Saturday June 2nd, 20XX at 3:00 PM
Please RSVP to Molly by Sept 3rd at 000.000.0000
Rebecca is Registered at Zola

Bring Your Love and Cheer
As her Wedding Day Draws Near
Please Join us for a Bridal Shower in Honor of
April Valentine
Saturday February 28th, 20XX
3 o'clock PM
The Beverly Hotel | 000 Palm Beach Drive, FL
Hosted by Amber Wilson & Julia Smith
RSVP by Feb.21st to 000.000.0000
Registry: Macy's

Themed Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

Champagne Brunch

Invitation by Glamyland on Zazzle

Petals and Prosecco
Please join us in showering
Melanie Mathers
With love and best wishes
at a party in her honor
September 1, 2019
356 Sunrise Circle Miami, FL
RSVP to Tia at 000.000.0000

Pop the Champagne
She's Changing her Name!
Join us for a boozy brunch
in celebration of the bride-to-be
Karla Wilson
April 7th, 2023 at 11:00AM
The Singing Bird
356 Sunrise Circle Miami, FL
RSVP to Jessie at 000.000.0000 by Sept. 1st

Please Join us for a
Brunch & Bubbly
In Honor of
Melanie Johnson
March 1st, 20XX
The Rockefeller | Hermosa Beach, CA
RSVP to Jessica at 000.000.0000
by Feb. 27th
Registry: The Knot

Lemon Themed

Invitation by Card Mint

She’s About to Pucker Up!
Join us for a Bridal Shower
Honoring the Bride-to-be
Melissa Tran
000 Fox Field Road, Austin, TX
Sunday, June 7th at 2 o’clock PM
RSVP to Jennifer at 000.000.0000 by June 1st

She Found Her Main Squeeze!
Let’s Celebrate the Bride-to-be
Baily Smith
Saturday | June 9, 20XX | 2:00pm
Lacey’s House
000 Drive, Santa Monica CA
RSVP to Gabby at 000.000.0000 by June 3rd
Registered at The Knot

Let’s Zest Things Up
In celebration of the Future Bride
Stacey Conwell
3:00PM at Jordan’s House
000 24th Street
Manhattan Beach, CA
RSVP to Kelly at 000.000.0000

Tropical Themed

Tropic Like It's Hot
Join us for a
Bridal Shower
Stephanie Perez
Saturday May 12th at 2:00PM
Palm Beach Drive
Somerset LA 51411
RSVP Emma by May 1st
at 000.000.0000

Country Themed

Invitation by Modern Paperie Co. on Zazzle

Boots & Bubbly
Let's Round up the Girls for a Bridal Shower
in Celebration of
Chelsea Hudson
Saturday May 18th at 11:00AM
The Cowboy Rodeo
000 Bridal Lane, Austin, Texas
RSVP Kendra by May 3rd at 000.000.0000
Registered at The Knot

Wildflower Themed

Invitation by PaperMinx on Zazzle

Love is in Bloom
Please Join us for a Bridal Shower
In Honor Of
Jessica Dominquez
Saturday May 12th at 2:00PM
Emma's House | 000 Willow Lane, Portland, OR Please RSVP Emma by May 1st
at 000.000.0000
Bride is Registered at The Knot

Tea Party

Invitation by AdorePaperCo on Etsy

Time for Tea
With the Bride-to-be!
Join Us for a Bridal Shower
in Celebration of
Lauren Carlson
Saturday April 3rd, 20XX at 2PM
The Hilton Hotel
000 Beverly Lane, Santa Monica, CA
RSVP Kimberly at 000.000.0000 by May 25th
Registered at Zola

Get Ready To
For a Bridal Shower in Honor of
Tori Smith
Saturday | June 18th, 20XX | 2:00pm
Samantha’s House
000 Drive, Santa Monica CA
RSVP Michelle at 000.000.0000 by June 9
Tori is registered at Crate & Barrel

Love is Brewing
Please Join us in showering the bride-to-be
Michelle Wilson
Saturday, July 3rd at 4PM
000 Bridal Lane, Santa Barbara, CA
Hosted by Friends and Family
RSVP Leah Wilson: Call or Text 000.000.0000
Registered at Macy's

Lingerie Themed

Invitation by loralangdesigns on Zazzle

Please Join Us for a
Lingerie Shower
In Honor of the Bride-to-be
Sophia Thompson
Saturday, January 18th at 6:00PM
356 Bridal Lane, Santa Monica, CA
RSVP to Laura at 000.000.0000
by January 2nd
Sophia is registered at Macy's

Spa Themed

Invitation by Paper Damsels

It's a Spa-aaaaah Party
Come Join us for a bridal shower Honoring
Sandra Rodriguez
3:00PM on Saturday May 8th, 20XX
At the Trilogy Spa
Manhattan Beach, California
Please RSVP to the loving Hosts by May 2nd
Emma: 000.000.0000 or Tasha 000.000.0000
Sandra is Registered at the Knot

Let's Pamper the Bride
Please join us for a Bridal Shower
In Honor of the Soon-to-be Mrs.
Candyce Jones
At Milk & Honey Spa
1211 W Riverside Drive, Suite 200
Sunday | March 30, 20XX | 3:00PM
Austin, TX 78704
RSVP Kacey at 000.000.0000
By March 23rd
Registered at The Knot

Manis & Mimosas
Join us for a day of pampering
In Honor of the Bride-to-be
Stacey Conwell
Saturday April 12th at 1:00PM
Bliss Spa Retreat
New York, New York
RSVP to Kelly at 000.000.0000 by Feb. 21st
Registered at Zola and on Amazon

Details to include on a Bridal Shower Invitation

  1. Name of the Bride-to-be

    Sounds like a no-brainer—but this is the highlight of the invitation where you are introducing the guest of honor! This is also the fun part where you can get the most creative. Some proper openers can be worded like so:

    • For Standard Openers:

      • "Let’s shower the Bride-to-be"
      • "Please join us for a Bridal Shower honoring [Bride]"
      • "Join us as we honor our bride-to-be"
      • "Let’s celebrate [Bride] before she ties the knot"
      • "From Miss to Mrs"
      • "A toast to the soon-to-be Mrs."
      • "Here comes the Bride, Let’s Celebrate [Bride]"
      • "Come be a part of [Bride]’s journey to ‘I do.'"
    • For Surprise Celebration:

      • "Shhh! It's a secret! Please join us in showering [name of bride-to-be] before her big day!”

    It’s also important to note that if this will be a couple’s event, you will want to include the name of the partner on the invitation as well, which would be more formally known as a couple’s shower invitation.

  2. Date and time

    Make sure this information is legible with easy-to-read fonts. The last thing you want is having guests confused about date and time.

  3. Location Name and Address

    Be sure to write the name of the actual location of where the Bridal Shower will be held as in the name of the restaurant or venue, as well as the address itself. For example:

    • Malibu Vineyard + Address

    Or, if you’re having it is being held at a hostess’s house:

    • Stacy’s House + Address

    City and State might be enough in some cases if you are holding the event at a well known restaurant or bar if you're trying to keep the amount of text minimal. However, if the event will be at someone's house, needless to say it is better to write the full address.

  4. RSVP Person of Contact, RSVP Contact Information and RSVP Deadline

    Include the name of the person the guest should contact in order to confirm their attendance, along with their contact information. You’ll also want to include the deadline they can RSVP by in order to properly plan around the number of guests that will be attending. P.S. it’s usually helpful to plan RSVP deadlines be 2-3 weeks before the shower. Here’s a simple way to word it:

    Please RSVP to (person of contact) at (phone number) by (deadline)

    • For example, "Please RSVP to Michelle at 000.000.0000 by April 2nd"

    Or, if you’d like to have guests contact specifically through a text:

    • For example, "Please RSVP to Michelle via text at 000.000.0000 by April 2nd"

    If you prefer to receive RSVPs via email, you can say:

    • For example, "RSVP: Please email Michelle at Michelle@email.com by April 2nd"
  5. Registry Information

    Finally, you can include the registry information. This can be the name of the physical location (for example Container Store) or a website if the registry is online. Simply worded:

    • Name of bride-to-be) is registered at (place where the bride is registered).

    If there will be no gifting involved, simply omit this line.

  6. Special Requests

    If you have any special requests of the guests, you can add an additional line on the invite, either before or after the registry information. This might be to coordinate a dress code to keep up with a particular style or theme, or maybe you'd like guests to bring a recipe card to put together a cook book for the bride-to-be.

    If you'd like to set a dress code, you can say:

    • Please wear a shade of Pink for the Blushing Bride
    • Dress code: Formal

    If you'd guests to bring their recipe cards

    • Please bring your recipe cards

How to Ask for Gift Cards or Cash on a Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal showers are typically thrown to shower the future bride with love and celebration. Many times gifts are given to send her off on her way. If the bride has a registry set up, it’s not uncommon for the registry to simply be listed on the invitation- whether it is the link to an online registry, or the name of the physical location where the registry is held.

However, sometimes a bride would prefer cash or gift cards if she feels as if she already has all she needs, or may simply prefer to receive a monetary gift that she can save for the future. But is there a formal way to ask for a monetary gift instead of a boxed gift on the invitation?

If you’d like to add a little grace to your request, there’s a simple way to keep it classy. Here are some examples of what you can write:

  • "Your presence is the greatest gift, but if you feel so inclined, a gift card would be greatly appreciated."
  • "With all that she has, the Bride has been truly blessed! Your presence and prayers are all that we request. But if you desire to give the Bride a gift, a monetary gift is one we suggest!"
  • "P.S. The bride only requires your presence but if you would like to give her a gift, a gift of cash would help her save for [her wishlist item]."
  • "In lieu of gifts, contributions towards the Bride's future are warmly welcomed."

Or, you can simply go with small slither of text at the bottom that says:

  • No boxed gifts, please.

If you’d like to go about an even more polite manner of requesting gift cards, the best way to go about it is by word of mouth. Let close family and friends know that the bride has everything that she needs, but a gift card would always be welcome. This way, they can spread the word to others.

Not having a registry listed on the invitation will also send a hint that no boxed gifts are needed. It’s a great way in itself to prompt guests to ask around pertaining to what the bride might appreciate instead.

Is it Okay to E-mail Invitations?

Emailing invitations are generally not the best route to go when it comes to bridal shower invitations. Think about an inbox, and the amount of spam people receive or just everyday mundane messages. It’s not generally perceived as something where you would receive something formal for a special event such as a bridal shower.

E-vites may also be confusing to some. Is it just an FYI or a Save the date? Is it just requesting info before the actual invitation? If it’s a picture of an invitation—did they run out of actual invites and decide to send out to last minute guests to rack up as many gifts as possible? Although these may certainly not be the case, e-mailing your invites shows minimal effort and may leave people confused and annoyed.

With that said, consider taking the time to mail your invitations, especially since guests are most likely being considerate enough to go out of their way to purchase the bride a gift. Mailed invitations, although traditional, are still respectful ways to send out a formal invite. It also makes the guests' requested presence feel valued and appreciated.

When to Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations

As a general rule of thumb, bridal shower invitations should be sent out 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This will will give guests enough time to make the necessary arrangements to plan their schedule around the shower. However, you may want to send them out even earlier if you have certain guests will be traveling from out of town. This will give them the extra time to make arrangements for lodging and transportation. Always make sure you give guests ample time to plan around the event.

Key Takeaway

With a little bit of preparation and thought, finding the right wording for a bridal shower invitation doesn’t have to be a burden. If you have a theme, have your invitation reflect it to stay consistent and fun. There are many different wording ideas you can use the correlate with your theme, even if it’s more of a formal event or a brunch. There are also many themed templates already out there that you can use or get ideas from. Try to stay away from using email or text to send out the invitations in order to avoid confusion among guests and show that special care went into preparing the event. Ensuring proper etiquette with invitations will ensure the bridal shower is off to a great start!

Paper Maven Delights

This article was written by Paper Maven Delights. Our hope is that you leave here having found a little inspiration that you can take with you.