13 Thoughtful Christian Personalized Gifts

Looking for a Faith-inspired gift for a close friend or family member? Here is a list of thoughtful gifts that are centered around Christianity and personalized in the most creative ways to make it uniquely their own. These uplifting and inspirational gift ideas are perfect for birthdays, spiritual milestones or any special occasion—or if you're simply wanting to show your affection through a gift with biblical words of encouragement.

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  7. Customized Engraved Leather Tray for Dad by IRONandGRAINusa on Etsy
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1. Personalized Christian 14k Gold Plated Cross Necklace For Her

This Christian gold cross necklace can be personalized with a name. It's small, sensible and feminine, making it the perfect gift for her. If you're looking for personalized Christian jewelry for women, this beautiful necklace is definitely one to consider!

2. Personalized Psalm 46:5 Floral Journal

This floral water color journal makes for another great gift for her, especially for a friend or someone in the family who loves to write and reflect. Olive Press Co carries a variety of different floral styles with different verses and biblical affirmations that you can choose from as well. You can even have an additional special message printed on the back side.

3. Personalized Acrylic Heart Bible Verse Night Light

If you're looking for a gift that is unique and special for a baby, young girl or teenager, consider this beauitful decorative LED light up acrylic heart stand. You can personalize it with your name and Bible verse of your choosing!

4. Jeremiah 29:11 Personalized Metal Blessing Bar Necklace

If you're searching for a personalized Christian gift for a young adult or brother in Christ, consider this handcrafted necklace. A small, personalized piece with hand stamped lettering adds the right amount of grit and texture for an artisan touch. Most importantly, it serves as an uplifting tangible and thoughtful reminder of his Faith.

5. Personalized Flowers & Names Wall Art Print for Mom

Here's a unique, personalized Christian gift idea for Mom. The floral stems on this art piece can be customized with the names of her children, or any special names you would like to add, in addition to a Bible verse.

6. Words of Encouragement Mountain Wood Print

This mountain-illustrated inspirational wall art wood print is personalized with a name and comes with biblical words of encouragement. It's the perfect gift for a son, nephew or young adult as an uplifting daily reminder!

7. Customized Engraved Leather Tray for Dad

Searching for a gift for Dad? Whether it's for Father's Day or his birthday, these handsome leather trays are perfect for storing his everyday items such as keys, watch, ring or other small items. They are engraved with a special message at the base, which can include his name and a thoughtful Bible message.

8. Personalized Engraved Metal Bookmark with Bible Verse

This metal bookmark makes for the most versatile gift idea! It can be the perfect Christian gift for men or women and can be personalized with a Bible verse of your choosing. It even comes with different charms that you can choose from onto which further details can be engraved such as the recipient's name, initials, a special date, or an additional small message.

9. "Soldier of Christ" Personalized Journal

This fun hardcover journal is great for boys or young adults and is personalized with his name.

10. Personalized Christian Devotional Book

If you're looking for thoughtful gift, consider these personalized devotional books by Wonderbly. It is a collection of messages of friendship and faith, interwoven with Bible verses, poetry and quotes. The best part is that you can add in your own photos and messages for a personal touch that is uniquely theirs!

11. Personalized Children's Bibles

These Bibles are the ideal gift to celebrate a child's birth or any child's spiritual milestone. The cover is personalized with the child's name and is elegantly debossed on soft leather, available in both baby blue and pink.

12. God's Affirming Words Personalized Tumbler

These colorful tumblers have beautiful simple floral illustrations and are personalized with a name. The back includes a personalized piece of scripture for an inspirational reminder. These make for thoughtful gifts for a girl or young adult.

13. Personalized Christian Cutting Board Memory Gift

Consider a personalized wooden cutting board for Mom or even as a special wedding gift, customized with a bible verse along with the family's last name.


Hopefully you've left inpsired after seeing some thoughtful gift ideas that are centered around Faith. These Christian personalized gifts are not only filled with words of biblical based encouragement but are also a great way to show your affections as well. Whether looking for gift ideas as a thoughtful gesture or for a special occasion, may you reach success in finding the perfect gift for your loved one!

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