30 Unique Save the Date Ideas for 2024

by NATALIE N. / December 9, 2023

Save the Date cards can be a fun way to kick off your announcement. What's great about Save the Dates is that you can choose for them to be unique and fun, and doesn't necessarily have to be formal or match the rest of your wedding suite (although they definitely can). Whether you'd like to emphasize creativity, practicality, style or simply find something for keepsake memorabilia, this list will leave you with a variety of creative ways to announce your special day! Here are some of the most unique Save the Date ideas for 2024.

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  2. Calendar Save the Dates by PaperAndThingsShop on Etsy
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  3. Rustic Wooden Magnet with Mountains by YellowDodoWedding on Etsy
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  4. Photo Strip Save the Date by LoveLanePress on Etsy
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  6. Venue Sketch Save the Date by Paper Maven Delights
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  7. Poloroid Save the Date by GreenVelope
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  8. Retro Pink & Red Save the Dates by theOopsieDaisyCo on Etsy
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  9. Scratch Off Save the Dates by HoorayStationary on Etsy
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  10. Stamped Save the Dates by EnglishStamp on Etsy
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  11. Vintage Poster Save the Dates by KittyLovesLou on Etsy
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  14. Vellum Overlay Save the Date by Erin L. Wilson on Minted
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  15. Newspaper Save the Date by ivoryandlacestudio on Etsy
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  16. Boho Floral Save the Date Postcard by Painted Paperie on Zazzle
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  17. Acrylic Save the Date by PaperPlumCo on Etsy
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  18. Luxury Laser Cut Save the Date by BoxedWedding on Etsy
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  19. Tropical Watercolor Save the Date by IYHTVDesigns on Zazzle
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  22. Blind Emboss Save the Date by Decaurelia on Etsy
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  23. Wooden "Pencil Us In" Reminder by MyCoasterShop on Etsy
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  25. Gold Foiled Save the Date by SecretCreation on Etsy
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  26. Black & White Save the Date Cards by MillustrationAtelier on Zazzle
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  29. Pill-Shaped Save the Date Cards by Paradise Invitations
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  30. Timeline Save the Date by VirginiaBrownArt on Etsy
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1. Letterpress Save the Date on Handmade Cotton Paper

Have your Save the Date details letterpressed onto handmade cotton paper for beautifully defined lettering to add a unique and authentic feel to your cards! These gorgeous announcements also feature distressed edges which give it an undeniable vintage, handmade touch that make them feel so romanticized. This particular selection of paper is in a dusty rose color called "Novelette" and is also available in other soft tones as well.

2. Calendar Save the Dates

Send out your special announcement complete with a marked calendar! Here is a simple, classic design by PaperAndThingsShop that you can edit yourself and it also features a cute couple's photo on the other side of the card.

3. Rustic Wooden Magnet with Mountains

Celebrating your vows at a beautiful moutenous terrain? Whether it be at a charming cabin in the thick of the woods of California or the amidst the scenic hills of Montana, get your guests looking forward to some nature with this beautiful wooden rustic Save-the-Date magnet to set the tone. It features a gorgeous mountain range line illustration under which says “Meet us at the mountains” along with the details. You can even choose between birch, beech and oak wood to further personalize them to your taste. These wooden magnets have been so well received, they’ve ended up on Etsy’s Pick!

4. Photo Strip Save the Date

Photo strips are an exceptionally fun idea for Save the Dates. Gather a few of your best takes from a shoot and put them together as a photo strip. If you're going for fun and quirky, consider using props in the photos so it looks like it came fresh out of a photo booth! This one is available as a template that you can edit yourself then have them printed.

5. Save the Date with Plexi Mirror Acrylic Heart Magnet

What an unbelievably charming way to announce your special day with this treasure of a piece. This Save the Date features your details on a geometric plexi heart reflective mirror that doubles as a magnet. Its presentation is absolutely stunning against the backing card which illustrates an intricate gold-foiled geometric motif that frames the heart itself, along with softly illusrated roses. If you are looking for a unique piece that will charm your guests, this is definately the one.

6. Save the Date with Venue Sketch

Romanticise your wedding with a beautiful sketch render of your venue! Whether you have chosen a quaint little home or a larger venue, you can never go wrong with a stylized sketch illustration of the special location you've chosen. Your Save the Dates will seem as if they were taken out of the pages of a storybook, telling of a special wedding to come. Not only are sketch illustrations of your venue an amazing way to personolize your cards, they also make for the most special keepsake as well!

7. Poloroid Save the Date

This timeless polaroid frame makes for the perfect vintage save the date announcement. This one is offered by GreenVlelope and the envelopes for these are fully customizable.

8. Pink & Red Retro Save the Dates

If you're looking for seomething with a little vintage flare, consider these retro Save the Date Cards in vibrant red & pink!

9. Scratch Off Save the Dates

Engage your guests with these quirky and memorable scratch off save the date cards. Have friends and family scratch off the hearts to reveal your special day! Hooray Stationary offers a variety of fun and creative scratch off Save the Dates for you to choose from.

10. Stamped Save the Dates

If you're looking for something simple yet authentic and traditional, consider these Save the Date stamps. You can have these custom made then use them to stamp your details onto your paper of choice! This will give your cards a vintage look and feel to them especially if you decide to go with a textured or kraft card stock paper. These can go great with some natural twine string wrapped around each invite holding a tag with the couple's initials. They also work well when encased within a wax-sealed envelope to top off that vintage look!

11. Vintage Poster Save the Dates

Want to make your wedding location the highight of your Save the Date cards? These retro vintage poster cards are a colorful, fun and creative way to announce your date and get guests excited about your wedding destination! These are perfect if you are getting married in a classic outdoorsy spot like Lake Tahoe or Grand Canyon; a renowned city location such as San Diego or New York; or if you're traveling to a tropical destination like Aruba or Hawaii! There is a wide selection of premade illustrations here by Etsy seller, KittylovesLoo. If you don't see your location, you can always opt for one that is custom made! BeyondDesign is another Etsy seller with great customer service reviews that that offers custom vintage poster styled Save the Dates.

12. Petite Geometric Floral Save the Date

If you're looking for something floral but more modern and elegant in style, these geometric floral Save the Dates are a beautiful option. They come in a few sizes but look particularly unique and stylish in a smaller, 4.25" x 5.5" petite size. These announcements are offered by The Knot and come in a variety of colors that you can choose from as well!

13. Photo Forward Save the Dates

If you went out of your way to take professional pre-wed couple's photos or simply have some gorgeous pictures in your archive, full photo Save the Dates can be a stunningly beautiful way to announce your special day!

14. Vellum Overlay Save the Date

Vellum overlays are such a timeless, simple way to add a classy flare to your cards. Have your details added onto a beautiful sheer vellum and overlay it onto your favorite couple's photo! Minted offers a collection of vellum overlay save the date cards that are tastefully designed.

15. Newspaper Save the Date

These newspaper Save the Dates are one of the most fun and creative ways to announce your date! These old-fashioned newspaper looks are beautifully designed and guaranteed to leave your guests with a great time reading through the details as well as discovering a word search, photo timeline and the couple's romantic story. These newspaper Save the Dates will undeniably be a hit and are sure to leave a memorable impression!

16. Boho Floral Save the Date Postcard

This boho floral postcard Save the Date features a lovely arrangement of flowers, perfect for summer, fall or spring weddings! It's easy to see why it's a top favorite on Zazzle. Besides having an unbelievably beautiful aesthetic appeal, this postcard format requires no fussing over envelopes and makes it an easy, simple and practical way to send out.

17. Clear Acrylic Save the Date

Looking for something simple, modern and unique? Have a look at these clear Save the Date acrylic send outs! It's minimalist in design and a bold step out of conventional paper cards. There's something about lettering displayed over transparency that create an undeniably interesting aesthetic appeal. Gorgeous!

18. Save the Dates with Laser Cut Jacket

Let your Save the Date cards stand out with a beautiful embellished laser cut jacket offered by BoxedWedding on Etsy, an award-winning luxury stationary studio. These intricately cut designs paired with gold foiled detailing will undoubtedly give your cards a stunning finish with an elegant luxury feel. If you'd like to continue the rest of your wedding stationary with a cohesive look, Cartalia also offers a whole matching invitation suite.

19. Tropical Save the Date

Planning a tropical getaway for your wedding? This Save the Date will show your details and a couple's photo alongside a gorgeous artistic watercolor display of palm trees and ocean water. The date is framed within a simple monogram which pulls the look together beautifully. What's great is that you can easily personalize this design directly on Zazzle. So whether your wedding will be in Hawaii, the Maldives or the French Polynesian islands, make sure to check it out if your taking your wedding to the tropics!

20. Destination Wedding Boarding Pass Save the Date

Here's a wonderfully creative idea if your planning to have your wedding abroad! There's nothing more exciting than hopping on a plane to travel somewhere for an adventure, so why not set the tone with a Save the Date boarding pass? This one on Etsy is gorgeously designed, complete with the necessary details along with a cute couple's photo. What a perfect way to announce your special day for a destination wedding!

21. Arch-Shaped Photo Save the Date Cards

Set the tone with something out of the ordinary with these unique arch shaped announcement cards which have been trending but still on point for 2024! To top it off, it will look fantastic with full width couple's photos. Truly Engaging offers single and multiple photo layouts you can choose from for both the front and back. These are fully customizable directly on their website.

22. Blind Emboss Save the Date

If you are looking for an exceptionally minimalist and modern alternative to an ordinary card, try this Save the Date card with a blind emboss. This involves letterpressing the card without using any ink. The final result? An effortlessly simple, clean and modern feel.

23. Wooden "Pencil Us In" Reminder

Here is a practical yet ingeniously creative way to remind guests to pencil in your special day! Send this out to family and friends for not only a unique surprise, but as a special keepsake as well.

24. Watercolor Crest Save the Date

Having a watercolor crest to be the center of your design can be a cute idea for your Save the Dates. It is illustrative, colorful, and a beautiful display of the two letters merging into one, as will be the married couple! These can be highly artistic, finely detailed and a great way to personalize not only your Save the Dates, but to use throughout the rest of your wedding suite and additional decor. You can have your crest designed by Etsy seller, SpiceUpYourWedding, who offers exceptional designs. After you've purchased the crest design, send the image file over to GBDesign House and have it made into a Save the Date Card!

25. Gold Foiled Save the Date Cards

Save the Date Cards with shiny gold foiling details has always been a great option to make your cards pop! It's celebatory and festive yet still keeps your card looking simple and classy.

26. Black & White Save the Date Cards

Go with black and white for an effortlessly bold, stylish and sleek announcement! This card has a solid black background with sleek white lettering on one side and a classic black and white photo on the other.

27. Wooden Engraved Save the Date Laser-Cut Bookmarks

If you're looking for a distinctive idea that can also act as a keepsake for your friends and family when the celebrations are done and dusted, look no further than these one-of-a-kind wooden engraved Save the Date laser-cut bookmarks. The etched in details give a highly personalized feel and you can even engrave the names of each individual guest for that extra special touch. These bookmarks feature not only high quality laser engraving but a strong wooden material as well, which means this special piece of memorabilia will last a lifetime.

28. Destination Wedding Map Illustration Save the Date

Looking for a surprisingly creative Save the Date idea for your destination wedding? Watercolor map illustrations of your travel destination can be exremely unique, colorful and festive! These map illustrated Save the Date cards have a way of getting you excited about the wedding adventure that awaits. Mopen Studio offers a variety of amazing premade Save the Dates with different map locations, including Cape Cod, Aruba, Miami, Ohau, Santorini, in addition to different gardens and hotels.

29. Pill-Shaped Save the Date Cards

These lovely pill-shaped Save the Dates by Paradise are simple but highly distinctive!

30. Timeline Save the Date

Get creative with your Save the Dates by taking your guests on a love journey. Tell friends and family of your romantic story through an illustrated timeline! This can include the day you both met, first date and the many adventures you've had along the way. These timelines are an interesting way to capture memorable snapshots of your love journey together up until the much anticipated day of your engagement.


Don’t forget to give yourself the green light to get as creative and as different as you’d like with these announcements. As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas out there when it comes to Save the Dates that are both unique and stylish! After all, it’s always fun to surprise family and friends with a little something special in the mail. Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to check out The Knot’s List of Save the Date ideas for some additional options. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this compilation of the most unique Save the Dates for 2024!

Natalie N.

Hi! I’m Natalie—owner and designer at Paper Maven Delights, as well as author of this post. My hope is that you leave here having found a little inspiration that you can take with you.